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ADA Sidewalk Ramp

Photo Credit: Karl Jansen

Pictured here is an ADA sidewalk ramp. This type of sidewalk ramp is replacing older ramps according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The current standards for sidewalk ramps include details for maximum running slopes and cross slopes, maximum grades and minimum dimensions for landing areas, as well as location of the detectable warning domes. The ADA creates design guidelines that help persons with disabilities navigate our public spaces with ease.

Fire Rated Plywood

Photo Credit: Alex Mead

Why are those plywood sheets pink? The reason is the wood actually is not regular plywood. The pink is an indicator of the fire treated nature of the wood panel. Fire treated wood like this is required for many applications by the building code in most areas. These particular panels will be a backer for carpenters to screw or nail into when they install a wood sheathing finish to the atrium wall currently under construction.

Building Fire Escape

Photo Credit: Alex Mead

Featured on this building is a moderately tall fire escape in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fire escapes like this one are used as a second safe exit for occupants to leave in case of a fire. One advantage of a fire escape exit from a burning building is moving the people away from the noxious smoke created by building fires. Smoke, which causes people to asphyxiate, is responsible for many of the deaths associated with fires today.