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Foundation Excavation

Photo Credit: Alex Mead

Seen above is a perfect example of building a structure right up to the property line. This close quarter construction is common in urban areas and produces challenges for engineers and construction crews. As seen here, special consideration must be taken not to disturb the foundation of the adjacent building to the construction site. In order to ensure this a worker carefully directs the operator of the excavator using hand signals to be sure the foundation is not damaged by an impact from the bucket.

Crosslot Bracing

Photo Credit: Alex Mead

Seen here is a textbook example of crosslot bracing of an excavation. Crosslot bracing is used when the horizontal soil pressure of an excavation is simply too high to retained by tiebacks or other method of wall support. One drawback, however, is the need to not hit the braces when working in the excavation. As can be seen at the top right of the excavation an excavator needs to be careful to lower its boom as to avoid striking the steel braces as it compacts fill in the future basement.