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Cable Stay Pedestrian Bridge

Photo Credit: Alex Mead

Seen here is the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge in Omaha, Nebraska. This serpentine cable stay bridge crosses the Missouri River and is an impressive 3000 feet long. The bridge connects two parks, one in Nebraska and one in Iowa, to make an interstate-park system that people can enjoy during all seasons of the year. This bridge is certainly one of the most visually beautiful pedestrian bridges in the world.

Reclaimed Railroad Trestle

Photo Credit: Alex Mead

Seen above is an old railroad trestle that has been converted into a pedestrian bridge. This particular bridge is part of a trail called the Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail, a state park in Michigan. The trail is part of a large network of trails across the country that are built from retired railroad lines. These trails exist due in large part to the effort of the Rails to Trails Conservancy. These trails offer a great way to explore reclaimed natural environments and to stay fit by either walking, running, or biking the trails. More can be found about the about the Rails to Trails Conservancy and the trails that are part of the network here.

Green Roof

Photo Credit: Karl Jansen

This is a green roof. And “green” does not describe the color. A green roof is simply a roof that allows for a more natural impact on the environment. This usually includes the use of earth and plants to help reduce the amount of runoff created by the new structure. Green roofs require extra structural support due to their increased dead weight loading relative to a standard roof design. As we learn more and more about our impact on the environment, and look for ways to reduce that impact, look for more of these to pop up all around our cities.