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Building Demolition

Photo Credit: Alex Mead

Seen here is the demolition of Campbell Hall on The University of California – Berkeley campus. Three machines are being used for this activity: a man lift, a traditional excavator, and an ultra high demolition excavator. Demolition of a building in this setting is high risk due to the possibility of debris falling out of the site boundaries. In order to minimize this possibility, great care is taken by the operator of the ultra high demolition excavator. Also, dust generated by the demolition is unacceptable in an environment like a college campus. Therefore on this project three fire hoses are used from varying angles to keep the dust in control.

Demolition of a Small Structure

Photo Credit: Karl Jansen

(Click on above photo to see the video)
This is a video taken during the demolition of an old clubhouse in Livonia, MI. Demolitions like this are quite common today, as old buildings and infrastructure must be replaced with new and updated versions. Most people think of a wrecking ball when they think of demolition, but as can be seen above, a standard excavator is the only equipment needed for this building. Look closely near the excavator and a water stream can be seen spraying the debris to keep the dust down. Dust control during demolition is of high concern to keep visibility clear for safety and to keep dust from covering adjacent land.