Fire Hydrant Drinking Fountain

Photo Credit: Jessie Benaglio

The University of Michigan has configured a system to allow those passing by the central campus Diag to use the water from the fire hydrant. They have set up a filter to clean the water from the ground within the pipe of the fire hydrant and attached a drinking fountain and faucet attachment to access the water.

  • claudius

    Great idea but design isa little clumsy, no? Any way of streamlining (sorry!) the design a bit so you could attach it to hydrants more simply? This is an absolutely great idea–most cities have no widely available access to drinking water–ergo we’re getting fat buying soft drinks. This would be a great “green” project, plus it would reduce obesity! Coca-Cola and Pepsi would absolutely flip out!

  • Alex R Mead


    Yeah I think the reason it looks clumsy is two fold.

    One, that cage near the hydrant is a covering a back flow preventer. This is a connection piece that ensures no water, and more importantly crap that water contians, flows back into the water distribution system. If pollutants got in there it would be a big issue.

    Two, I believe the rack has an additional filter, perhaps to remove any final taste, just because it is for drinking purposes. The water is definitely safe to drink right out of the hydrant, but many people like additional filtering for taste reasons, or paranoia :) .

    Hope this helps.